Hong Kong and moving on.

Heaps of good news. Went to Hong Kong for ten days, caught up with mum and it was great. The modern design hotel (Ovolo Southside), amazing food and slightly cooler weather all made for an even more pleasant stay, with plenty of room for both fun and more serious development. My New Zealand Working Holiday Visa has now been approved: going there next month, applying for jobs in the meantime, making plans for settling (up to one year). Truly excited about that!

As scheduled, I'm back in Bangkok for a third time now, residing at Weeping Willow: easily the most comfortable bed of all places I've been to (in this city) so far. It basically feels like a proper coffee spot that allows you to stay overnight. Finally had my first Thai massage (one of the normal kind), befriended Obie (an American traveller) and went to see a ping-pong show (which I highly discourage others from doing, as it's very degrading, and chances of getting in trouble over paying bills - despite firmly settling on prices - are simply not worth it).

Will be doing a stopover in Kuala Lumpur on the way to Auckland: really nice, as it allows me to say hi (or bye) to the folks at one of my all-time-favourite hostels (Mingle). Moving to another one around the corner (One Day) for a few days, to see if it lives up to its acclaimed hipster status and co. Until next time!