Urban life.

We're back on the road. Flew to Singapore, caught up with Hanna, went clubbing at a fancy rooftop bar (free drinks included). Had burgers, overpriced kebabs (because it's Singapore), but also the cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world (a welcome exception to the rule). In addition to that, the hostel was totally fine and affordable. But hey, just got into Bangkok and that's even better.

Not only was it easy to find my humble new spot, Cloudy, it's owned by the same people as In A Box (which I previously resided at). This one's a bit more spacious and (opposed to the other) still had beds available for the week. Lots of things to do, plenty of food to eat: all of it at a low price, leaving little else to wish for.

As both Hanna (first met in Kuala Lumpur) and Sinleong (the owner of Mingle) will be making their way to the city too (purely coincidental), there's plenty of social meetings to be looking forward to. I'm here the entire month, and well, that's about it. So, catch you later.