New Year's.

Lovely new year to everyone! I recall how 2016 started on a one-way journey to London, not knowing how long I'd be there for or where I'd go after. Then, I rather suddenly found myself going between the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Andorra, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia. Regardless of what the upcoming time brings along, I'd always be aiming for similar vividness. The next step will be to add more sustainability in order to keep this privileged freedom of life on the road viable in the long run.

Simply put, I'll be embarking on what I'd like to refer to as an Asian city hop. This includes Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. As I still have a ton of portraits to go through, while at the same time my travel budget's on the verge of running out, most of those January weeks will consist of editing visuals and applying for jobs, backed by a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand. This allows me to top up on coins and create room for new adventures.

There will be a bit of a tone-down on posts in the process of reprioritising quality over quantity, but updates like this one will still be done every so often. Keep staying tuned and have a great start of whatever it is you aspire to achieve.