Last week I decided to head for Asia sooner rather than later, as my travel budget got eaten alive in Oz. So booked a flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. That's where I arrived today, finally living up to the onward travel plans I've been wanting to pursue ever since I started this trip (to visit new destinations around the Pacific region). Australia's been great and I'd happily return, but I'm also confident the upcoming chapter will be no less than equally as good. The big difference, however: more delicious food, diverse cultures and amazing value hostels I can actually afford.

Did you know, upon drafting this article, I was actually overlooking Australia's magnificent west coast. Though I may not have driven along the exact same waters and remote peninsulas, I couldn't have wished for a better view. Yamba was cool, by the way. Even quieter than I thought it'd be, but with lots of good company and super-sweet owners. Think surfers, laid-back town vibes and, well, some alcohol too. Did a lot of brilliant surf-related photos the other day, in addition to many other portraits, all of which have now been posted in their best shape here.

After a couple of days, and slightly against the odds, I greyhounded (assuming that could be a verb) back to Brisbane. Simon, Greg's son, was more than happy to host me for the week, which made things much easier. Plus it allowed for a bunch of nice events, including a big Hawaiian-themed birthday, Sunday roast with the neighbours, cinema and two meetups with friends I previously met elsewhere. It made for a decent ending of part one.

Alright, wrapping it up. Will most likely be delivering one more post before your calendar gets replaced. Warm greetings from KL: whoever invented the aircon is my hero.