Back to Byron.

Ten years have passed since I last went to Byron Bay. Amazing how time flies. Even better to see how last week's probably been the most sociable one of this trip so far. Of all places I've previously visited in Australia, this nifty beach town has the honour of being first on the list of second visits. Wrapped up in a single line: it's good to be in Byron.

I did indeed end up tagging along with Anna, so the drive here was easy. We went to Nimbin (known for its relaxed vibe) on the way. My current hostel, Backpackers Inn, is literally at the beach. Though not the cheapest, it has a lot to offer. Rooms and amenities are comfy, nights are filled with either food, drinks or entertainment and there's a ton of friendly people.

Having said that, you'll occasionally bump into folks who are either glued to their buddies (with no room for new ones), addicted to goon (only nice when they're drunk) or simply gazing at their smartphone all the time (must be fun being on social media: it certainly makes you less social). Others seem nice initially, but are much less so when you get to know them. And then there's the surprising amount of travellers working and living here, but still considering themselves to be in a relationship with someone they've not seen for ages. I wish them the best of luck. In the meantime, I'll continue soaking up the beautiful bits of what's been (and will hopefully remain) a wonderful journey. With the right people, of course, and as mentioned earlier: plenty of those too.

I've come to see why one would linger around here longer than anticipated: there's just not much to complain about and life's about as sweet as it gets. Not saying it's the most perfect spot in the world, but it certainly is a very inviting and liveable one. I also extended my stay twice. Next stop this Saturday: Yamba, a two-hour drive south by Greyhound. From what I've heard, it's like an unspoilt, smaller version of Byron: sounds brilliant!