Gold Coast.

Being one of Australia's most-visited getaways, the Gold Coast surely has a lot to offer. After two days in Southport, I found myself (or well, booked a place) in Surfers Paradise. Though it does occasionally live up to its not-too-flattering reputation (think bogans, schoolies and dodgy clubs), most of what I've seen was really nice. And so were the people. The hostel I spent my last night at is literally a one-minute walk from the beach, and basically all of the beach is awesome. Tons of space, white sand, proper waves, long boardwalks and high temperatures.

I managed to catch up with Tjasa, a friend of a friend I met in London at the time. There was also a friendly Spanish couple at my first stop and with a bit of luck I'll be tagging along with Anna, who's planning on driving to Byron Bay later this week. Hopping from one place to another is easy: they recently introduced a brand new tram system. Wherever there's no rail, there's a bus. At this point, I'm just planning my travels one day at a time, simply as it leaves room for some spontaneity.

Everyone who's new to this blog: it was great to meet you.