Breezy Brissy.

Though it's been some time since I last wrote, here's a post to make up for it. Nearly two weeks ago, I flew from Perth to Brisbane and that's where I'm still based. That is, until tomorrow, as I'll be taking a train to the Gold Coast. Time really does fly, and these weeks have been no different from the previous ones. Good news is there's been heaps of room for enjoyment, social bits, creative development and lingering in a sundrenched, subtropical environment.

Luke and his landlord Greg have been most welcoming in providing me with a place to stay, eat and explore the region from. We visited the rainforest, went into town and had beer with the locals. Not being at a hostel does make it more challenging to meet new travellers, but I did randomly befriend a girl named Hilary (who's been around for eight months, originally from Canada).

All in all, I can honestly say Brisbane's been much more interesting than I first thought it'd be. As a result, there's been no rush in moving elsewhere and I might even make my way back here at some point. In terms of plans, I'll just have a look around the Gold Coast first and, depending on the people I might bump into, decide whether to go north or south. I'll try to reduce those slightly-too-long blog post intervals. Catch you later!