Weekend in Freo.

Hello there! Yet another warm greeting from Australia: not Perth this time, but quirky Fremantle (more commonly known as Freo). Quirky, as there's more of an alternative vibe to it. Located right at the seafront and only half an hour from the city: a brilliant weekend getaway. Main reason for going here is that I moved out of Richard's place (the show must go on) and had to come up with a plan. Against most odds, I'm making my way to the east coast sooner than anticipated. I'll be flying to Sydney and then straight on to Brisbane tomorrow.

As flights are better value on weekdays, it simply works out cheaper to stay at a nice hostel over the weekend (including all expenses) and fly elsewhere after. On top of that, the deal I got was more than decent. Tigerair (one of the country's budget airlines) are normally the cheapest, but Jetstar (owned by Qantas and considered to be more reliable) offer price match deals, plus a 10% discount, plus a $25 voucher per flight and no ridiculous payment fee (when booked through customer service). Sorted!

Despite some interesting events (think goon pong, drunk people shouting and a dude getting arrested in my room overnight), the hostel's been well-worth staying at. I met some great people and we went for a seaside barbecue yesterday. I also discovered how 7-Eleven $1 flat whites are the best for avid coffee drinkers on a budget (me) and how putting on sunscreen is utterly crucial (regardless of whether the sun's out or not). Cheers.