Rather marvellous.

Greetings from Down Under, where life's good, people are friendly and weather's brilliant (disregarding some floods, though not here). As we're located in the Southern Hemisphere, winter's ending, slowly turning into spring (peaking over thirty degrees tomorrow).

The past two weeks have been filled with those things you'd normally do when settling into a new environment. It mostly came down to exploring the area (and surroundings), stocking up on groceries (they even sell Dutch pancakes), drinking coffee (obviously), drinking beer (they do great, free tastings at Little Creatures Brewery), going to a Latin festival (thanks heaps, Norma!) and catching up with friends (well, one friend actually, as not everyone has a habit of replying to messages). Yes, I can honestly say I'm really starting to feel in place.

As for my itinerary: I'm currently still in Perth, but will most likely be making my way up north (direction of Broome) by the end of October. Fellow reader, thanks again for visiting my blog: see you next time.