Two days in Bangkok.

Quite a bit of moving about it's been so far. Did you know Amsterdam-Oslo-Bangkok is not the most straightforward connection? Affordable it surely was, and to be fair, both legs have been very comfortable. But a fifteen-hour layover in Oslo while travelling on a shoestring does require a bit of improvisation. The airport magically turns into a subtle-yet-practical hotel, where leather seats become ones favourite pal. Just keep looking after those bags and everyone's happy to let you stay overnight, no charge.

One day-and-a-half, a bunch of music, plenty of edibles and two drunks (not me) later, I made my way to Bangkok. Beware, fellow travellers, upon withdrawing from the ATM: most places (including ticket booths) are cash-only and this machine will charge you a higher-than-expected service fee, so take out as much as you can. Good news is that pretty much anything in the city's cheap by Western standards, whether that be a decent Pad Thai right on the street corner or super-clean, quiet accommodation. It definitely has been nice to indulge in the spa-like shower, sleep in an actual bed and write blogs in an air-conditioned environment. In A Box, the name of the hostel, turned out to be a good choice.

Haven't had much time to explore town, as I'm off to Bali tomorrow. However, when I go back to Southeast Asia, I'm eager to see more of this country. People are kind and modest, the environment feels safe and the food is wonderful. Until we meet again!